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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning
Toronto, Etobicoke, Woodbridge

Forget those scratched windows that used to hamper your view of the blissful beauty outside. It is time to let your house feel the sunshine through the gateway of windows. Our staff are trained and equipped to gain access for ceiling, wall and window cleaning. Will look after your windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Depending on the type of window cleaning we will use different tools and techniques. Our quality control supervisors check with our customers regularly to assure satisfaction.

We do it with the use of professional cleaning equipment; our cleaners manage to eliminate not even the dirt and grime particles but even the tough stains that have accumulated over years. We offer complete clean up for windows that include the tracks, frames, and screens. We recommend high-pressure jet washing to give the cleanest surfaces possible.

We recommend your windows and screens be cleaned at least once or twice per year to ensure they are well-maintained. This will dramatically increase their lifespan. Clean windows will also help warm sunlight enter your home, lowering your utility bills in the winter months.

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